2024 Calendar

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Keeping track of all the different fertility saints can be confusing. We've taken the saints, their feast days, and their novenas, and packaged them into a calendar to inspire you to prayer all year.

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    “I have been following you for years. This calendar really speaks to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing. I have so much faith that God will soon bless me. Thank you so much!”

    Tina A.


    What you get:

    A twelve month 2024 calendar complete with Fertility Saints feast days, their novena prayers, and when to start and stop the novenas.

    What is it all about?

    A novena is a nine day period of private or public prayer focusing on a specific intent or need. Catholics often pray novenas directly to God, and sometimes with a chosen saint whom they ask to bring their intention to God on their behalf. These holy saints act as a kind of advocate to bring our prayers to God. Novenas are not magic, but a way to call out to God, spend time in prayer with Him, and leave your petitions in His hands.

    We have collected 21 different Patron Saints of Fertility, Infertility, and protection from Miscarriage. These Saints of Fertility are featured in this novena calendar. We hope your relationship with God and the saints grows deeper as you pray with this calendar, and that your prayers are answered.